‘We Carry The Dream’

A Music Video Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King This year, in the 50th commemoration of Dr. King’s death, and the 55th Anniversary of the Great March, and during Black History Month (February), Stephen has recorded his song, with full band, ”We Carry the Dream”, as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  As […]

Women Are Saving the World Where Men Have Failed Spectacularly

“Women Wage Peace” in Israel/Palestine portends a social revolution By Stephen Longfellow Fiske Today’s revelations of the dark shadow of misogyny in the United States, where headlines of women being sexually harassed, raped and assaulted in the workplace have led to the rise of the social media hashtag “#MeToo”, extends well beyond our shores. Women around […]

Warriors of the Heart – Women Waging Peace

In our recent trip to Israel/Palestine, Stephen and I had the opportunity to meet and interview many extraordinary individuals working on a grass roots, person to person level, to achieve reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis. What became crystal clear was the role women have been playing in building a new movement to end the conflict […]

Haj Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa is an Arab Muslim who has been involved in peace and reconciliation efforts for more than 30 years. He is known as is the “ambassador of goodwill” from the Mount of Olives, where he and his wife Naima welcome international peace activists of all faiths throughout the year to their home, “Ibrahim’s Peace House”. He comes from a long line of community elders who have lived on the Mount of Olives since the days of the (7th Century).

Arriving in Jerusalem – Part 1

My producing partner, Stephen Fiske and I traveled to Israel/Palestine in February with camera in-hand and found ourselves in the midst of an Interfaith conflict resolution conference, drawing peacemakers from the entire region and around the world, to the Tantur Ecumenical Institute located on the historic Hebron road, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The primary focus of the conference […]

10 Days in Jerusalem

WARRIORS OF THE HEART – WOMEN WAGE PEACE In the midst of a highly patriarchal society, the organizers of ‘Women Wage Peace’, Palistinians and Israelis, Muslims, Christians, Jews and secularists, are standing up with courage, dignity and strength, speaking truth to power exemplifying true “warrior of the heart” spirit. These women are not only demanding […]

Why Jerusalem?

Jerusalem represents the shining hope of humanity, the sacred citadel, the holy sanctum of beloved community, the longed-for city of peace. It is the shining hope of humanity, the sacred citadel, the holy sanctum of beloved community, the longed-for city of peace. It is symbolic of the longing in the heart of humanity to live […]

An Interfaith Look at Prayer

By Stephen Longfellow Fiske   Prayer is active communion with the Divine presence. It is a conversation and interaction with God; however one may perceive God to be, called by any name or no name. Our prayers are vehicles of connecting with that spiritual presence and mystery beyond name and form, yet is here in […]