The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP) to date has been self-funded by a combination of personal assets of its producers and modest donations from benefactors. $50,000 and hundreds of hours of development, writing & editing time has been committed to create the presentation package, video, music and initial website design, construction & image licensing.
JPP officially launched December 10, 2016 with the live performance its Middle Eastern themed soundtrack – Flow. The multi-media fundraising event was held at the Electric Lodge Theater, Venice, CA.

The night was a great success, breaking ground into the public arena of non-nonprofit crowd-funding.

As a result of JPP’s initial fundraising push, Executive Producer Stephen L. Fiske and Director Robert Corsini Raised sufficient funding to purchase camera equipment and to travel to Jerusalem for a ten days of ambitious field production
for their documentary ‘Warriors of the Heart’.

Your contribution directly empowers the JPP team to continue its mission of promoting peace in the Holy Land and around the world through creative, mindful and prayerful action -- at a time when its most needed.

The Jerusalem Prayer Project is a special affiliate of the Unity-and-Diversity World

The JPP Team


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Peace Portal

The Peace Portal creates a global space for this work, documenting and promoting peace-making and reconciliation through creative action.

The Peace Portal provides a platform for crafting a message in a format of choice, that is prayerful and follows basic principles of peace,nonviolence, and sustainability. The project embraces the wisdom of ancient prophets and modern-day peacemakers such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Mother Theresa, and currently, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis.

Full-length documentary

FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY Concurrent with the production of the short film, we are producing a full-length documentary, which is critical in defining the intellectual and spiritual basis of the project.

The precepts of Interfaith peace have existed for thousands of years, and Jerusalem is the ’heartspace’ within which to embrace the challenge of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace building.

Theatrical Short

JPP will feature a ‘short-subject’ film entitled Jerusalem Prayer. The film is approximately 15 minutes in length and is set to the soundtrack recording of music (compositions: Jerusalem Prayer and Peace of Prayer) by Stephen L. Fiske.

The film has no narration or voice over. It is a flowing montage of images following the melodic and rhythmic pulse of the music. Conceived and written by Stephen, it gives a storyline with principal characters, and portrays a musical and visual depiction of the beauty and color of the rich diversity of the ancient city of Jerusalem.


$1-100 Supporting:
$25-50 1 CD, $50-100 1 CD, Art of Peace Book & T-shirt


$101-500 Strengthening:
2 CD, 1 Book, special thanks listing on our website


$501-1000 Empowering:
All of above + empowering listing on website and in film credits


$1001- 5000 Sustaining:
All of above + sustainer listing on website and on film credits and logo on website and film


$5001-10,000 Leading:
All of above + prime listing on film


10,001-15,000 Pillar:
All of above + featured sponsor listing on the film


$20,000+ Executive:
All of above + executive sponsor listing

Tax deductible contributions to The Jerusalem Prayer Project can also be made by sending a check or money order to the following address: Jerusalem Prayer Project, 635 California Ave, Venice, California. 90291.

**An Executive Business Summary & JPP film developments are available upon request.**


“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you."

- Thich Nhat Hahn.

The Jerusalem Prayer Project is a music, film and multimedia venture creating an ongoing interactive global peacebuilding platform. The project is centered in Jerusalem focusing on Jerusalem as analogous for the peacebuilding challenges worldwide. The Jerusalem Prayer Project is a special affiliate of the Unity-and-Diversity World Council (UDC) a California 501c3 non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. UDC is an interfaith coordinating body of multiple groups and individuals concerned with building bridges across religious, cultural and political differences in order to contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable future.