The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP) has been self-funded by a combination of personal assets of its producers and benefactor donations. To date, $50,000 and hundreds of hours of development, writing & editing time have been committed to create the presentation package; including promo video, original music for the soundtrack and CD “Flow”, website design, image licensing, and initial film production.
JPP officially launched December 10, 2016 with a multi-media fundraising event at the Electric Lodge Theater in Venice, CA. The night was a great success, breaking ground into the public arena of non-profit funding. As a result of JPP’s initial fundraising push, Executive Producer Stephen L. Fiske and Director Robert Corsini raised sufficient funds to travel to Israel/Palestine for ten days of field production for their documentary ‘Warriors of the Heart’. The journey documented several stories of grassroots peacemakers in the holy land, including that of -- 'Women Wage Peace', an Israeli/Palestinian women's movement developing new approaches towards resolving the ongoing conflict in the region.
Your generosity directly empowers the JPP team to continue its mission of promoting peace in the Holy Land and around the world through creative, mindful and prayerful action -- at a time when it is
needed most.
We need YOUR help to bring these stories to light.


Phase One - 

Developed and produced online presentation package including; short promo video, original music and CD (“Flow”), website design & maintenance, and image licensing.
The JPP launch.
Principal Photography for the JPP documentary, ‘Warriors of the Heart’ inclusive of field production in Israel/Palestine. COMPLETED

Phase Two – 

Crowdfunding and fundraising events featuring work-in-progress screenings focusing on Israeli/Palestinian organizations such as 'Women Wage Peace' among others. Initial marketing and promo.
Continue production and post-production to complete the full-length documentary, and theatrical 'short' based in Jerusalem.
Ongoing operation of the JPP website and ‘Peace Portal’ development.
Solicit submissions for the 'Peace Portal' via social media platforms and direct outreach to networks of artists, activists, and creators to generate a creative multimedia dialogue and build JPP's online presence.

Phase Three – 

Completion of the documentary and theatrical short.
Marketing & promo, securing distribution deals for the release of JPP projects.
Complete development, design, launch and operation of the Peace Portal.
** A full business plan is available on request.
The Jerusalem Prayer Project's documentary Warriors of the Heart tells stories of grassroots peacemakers in the Holy Land building alternative pathways to peace, outside the mainstream politics of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
The ‘Peace Portal’ is an interactive multi-media platform designed for artists, dancers, photographers, musicians, poets and activists from around the world to help them articulate the virtues of peace over war, non-violence over conflict, and love over cynicism through video submissions of their work. 

Jerusalem Prayer, currently in development, will be crafted to be a musical and visual depiction of harmony between the three Abrahamic faiths and a celebration of the rich diversity of this ancient city. Featuring local artists, dancers and every day people – the ‘Short’ is intended to set the tone and reinforce the broader peace building vision for JPP and will be submitted to festivals and integrated into our promotional and outreach presentations. Music for the both the ‘short’ and extended documentary has been produced, written, performed and recorded by Stephen Longfellow Fiske.


“Flow” is based around Stephen’s melodic acoustic guitar style. “Jerusalem Prayer” is the lead cut of eight primarily instrument musical pieces on “Flow.” The nine minute melodic “Jerusalem Prayer” features Stephen on acoustic guitar and includes guest musicians Yuval Ron (oud), Evan Gavriel Fiske (percussion), Richard Hardy (flute), Jeff Breeh (bass), and Barry Fasman (string arrangements and keyboards). The singers include Stefani Valadez, Mitra Rahbar and Stephen. The CD includes seven other orchestrated instrumentals plus the concluding acapella vocal, Peace of Prayer, featuring Stephen and vocalist Crystal Davis. Additional guest artists on the CD include master guitarist, Zavier, violinist Scarlet Rivera, percussionist, Oliver Brown, tabla player, Greg Johnson and floor drum player, Dennis Knicely.

“Flow weaves its spell from the very first haunting notes of Jerusalem Prayer. This impressive collection of original orchestrated songs from Stephen Longfellow Fiske showcases his innovative compositions and artful musicianship. Enhanced by a circle of other very talented musicians and performers,Flow evokes deep emotions, culminating in the beautiful Peace of Prayer, which caps off a sublime, moving, and enjoyable listening experience.”

~ Stephen Rohde, author and human rights activist