Jerusalem Prayer Project

The Documentary

Part 1: Women Wage Peace

The Jerusalem Prayer Project's documentary 'Warrriors of the Heart' tells the stories of peacemakers in the Holy Land. This is the first in a series of segments of the full-length documentary and is being released as it captures the essence of the women's movement we have witnessed
across the world this year

"Woman can bring us as one tribe as human beings together."
Huda Abuarquob

In February, JPP's founder Stephen Fiske and his producing partner, filmaker Robert Corsini, traveled to Jerusalem to begin field production work for the ‘Jerusalem Prayer Project’ documentary, "Warriors of the Heart, Peacemakers in the Holy Land."
A new facet of their documentary was born when they interviewed Huda Aboarquob in the town of Beit Jala in the West Bank. Huda is the regional Director of The Alliance for Middle East Peace, an umbrella organization of 106 peace groups. Huda became the central organizer of the massive Women’s March for Hope, which took place in October 2016 and went from Northern Israel to Jerusalem over the course of two weeks. It started with 19 women in the North and by the time it arrived in Jerusalem there were ten thousand strong. The march was the achievement of a burgeoning Israeli/Palestinian movement called, "Women Wage Peace."
When Stephen and Robert returned to Los Angeles and reviewed the footage they shot, they combined the Huda interview with Yael Deckelbaum’s stirring music video and with other footage of participants of the Women’s March for Hope. The piece jumped out as the most timely, inspiring and colorful segment. Realizing Huda's sentiments were being echoed by women around the world. and because of enthusiastic feedback from those who saw it as it was being edited,  Stephen and Robert and the JPP team decided to release the Women Wage Peace segment on its own merit, as the introductory piece of the “Warriors of the Heart” series.

Roots: Hanan & Ali team up for peace

The second segment in the "Warriors of the Heart" series focuses on Israeli settler Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, and Palestinian political activist Ali Abu Awad (once considered a terrorist by the state of Israel,) who are an unlikely team advocating for peace in the occupied territories of Palestine. The vast majority of Israeli ‘Settlers’ often live their entire lives without ever interacting with their Palestinian neighbors, with whom they literally share the very same land. They are physical neighbors divided by walls, religion, culture and politics. The idea of having a direct conversation between Palestinians and Israelis is as remote as peace itself in the Holy Land.

Warriors of the Heart, tracks Ali and Hanan’s gritty five-year journey, which includes their individual evolutions of reflection and self-discovery that led to the building of their Peace Center on Ali’s family land. Through their programs and workshops, they teach people including disenfranchised youth, principles of non-violence, positive interaction with one another and techniques for working through intractable cultural, political and religious differences.