What is the

Jerusalem Prayer Project?

“Warriors of the Heart/Women Wage Peace” Announces Go Fund Me Campaign

The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP), a Los Angeles based non-profit multimedia production company, announces its GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for post production and completion of its first feature documentary film, shot in Israel/Palestine, “Women Wage Peace”.

Warriors of The Heart: Women Wage Peace

JPP’s first installment of its Warriors of the Heart documentary series, focuses on the five year evolution of a grass-roots women’s peace movement in Israel and Palestine. Help us complete this groundbreaking film.
The Women Wage Peace (WWP) movement in Israel/Palestine upholds a decisive commitment to the power of ‘non-violent’ social activism, following in the footsteps of Gandi, Martin Luther King Jr.  and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.  
In its partnership with Palestinian women, WWP calls for person to person dialogue emphasizing ‘radical listening’, without blame or shame.   Their mission calls for equality, inclusivity, and frames ‘peace-negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis as a top priority of government policy — and demands that women be seated at the negotiating table.rtin Luther King Jr.  and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.  

“For many of us

the march from Selma

to Montgomery was about

protest and prayer.

Legs are not lips and

walking is not kneeling.

And yet our legs uttered songs.

Even without words,

our march was worship.

I felt my legs were praying.”


~ Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel