Women Wage Peace

In 2019 JPP plans to complete its first documentary project on the ‘Women Wage Peace’ movement in Israel and Palestine and is seeking funding to that end. ‘Warriors of the Heart: Women Wage Peace’, tells a remarkable story at a remarkable time and after two years of development, field production and editing, the documentary project is entering the final stretch.



From its inception in 2014 with a handful of women, ‘Women Wage Peace’ has grown to over 40,000 members. It has become the largest, most dynamic and publicly visible movement for peace in the Holy Land, where thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women are courageously demanding that their leaders make ‘peace’ the highest priority.
At a time when women around the world are rising up and assuming political and economic power in record numbers, as exemplified in recent US Congressional elections, the story of ‘Women Wage Peace’ connects to the broader sociopolitical transformations happening today such as ‘#MeToo’ and ‘She the People’. It’s about` women, facing tremendous odds, challenging the status quo of endless cycles of demonization, bloodshed and intractable divisions. It’s about hope, healing and inclusivity.
These women are creating a unique breakthrough towards grass roots engagement in the face of war, entrenched patriarchy and an architecture of separation. They are part of the rise of inclusive global feminism at the heart of a new wave of peace building in the Middle East.  JPP is committed to bringing their story and others to a global audience.

Watch the Woman Wage Peace trailer!