2018 was the 50th commemoration of Dr. King’s assassination and the 55th Anniversary of the ‘Great March’ on Washington. JPP’s EP Stephen Fiske wrote, produced and recorded a tribute to Dr. King, entitled ‘We Carry the Dream’ and together with filmmaker Robert Corsini, produced the music video for JPP.


In August of 1963 at the age of 17, Stephen traveled from his home in New York to Washington DC for the Great March on Washington in. The historic event changed his life, inspiring him on his journey as a peace and environmental activist, humanitarian, musician and author, together with longtime documentarian Robert Corsini.  Funded by the Unity-and-Diversity World Council (UDC), JPP produced “We Carry the Dream” a 5½ minute music/video tribute to Dr. King.

DSC_0380 (2)

Fiske’s emotive, spiritual composition includes his guitar and vocals, pianist Hal Ratliff, drummer Rayford Griffin, bassist Jeff Breeh, a horn section led by Jeffery Clayton, and chorus. The video incorporates archival footage from the Civil Rights Movement integrated with original footage from recent marches including the MLK parades, Women’s Marches, and other recent political demonstrations representing the quest for peace, justice, freedom, and equality.

Watch the We Carry the Dream!