The Jerusalem Prayer Project  (JPP) is affiliated with the following organizations, who all have a  common goal of promoting peace, sustainability & hope.


Unity-and-Diversity World Council

A non-profit with a vision to establish and sustain a local-to-global cooperating body of individuals, groups, and networks for the pursuit of peace, justice, and an environmentally sustainable civilization for all races, cultures, and religions based on universal ethical and spiritual principles.




IMAN Cultural Center

The IMAN Cultural Center is a non-political, non-profit, independent, 501(c)(3) organization, established to create and promote cooperation and affiliation within the Iranian and Muslim Community along with people of all races and religions. IMAN provides an important forum for sustaining and enhancing the cultural and spiritual identity of all such people.


Interfaith Communities United For Justice & Peace

ICUJP has been working tirelessly for more than 14 years since 9/11 to uphold our mission that religious communities must stop blessing war & violence. All of their peace workers are committed to four core ICUJP principles including the power of love to overcome hatred.


B’Nai Horin: Children of Freedom

This Jewish community is for those of us who want to live more spiritually enriching lives, who want to make time more precious, our families, friends and loved ones more precious. It is for those of us who want to make our own lives more precious, to make the lives of all people more precious, to make the life of our planet more precious.


Southern California Parliament Of The World’s Religions

The Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (SCCPWR) is an organization open to individual members, founded upon a common commitment to promote dialogue about the varieties of sacred experience in order to foster understanding and mutual respect.


Electric Lodge

A non-profit visual, cultural and performing arts center using environmentally sustainable solutions since 1996. Conscientiously created to be eco-friendly, The Electric Lodge is also a proud champion of sustainability in the arts and founder of Arts Earth Partnership.


All Paths Divinity School

All Paths Divinity School is an affordable, online, interfaith, interspiritual seminary – a multifaith distance-learning institution, where you can be ordained as an Interspiritual Interfaith Minister, earn your advanced degree in Interfaith Ministry, Interfaith Theology, or Religious Studies.


reGeneration Education

reGeneration is an American interfaith non-profit organization that advances peacebuilding through innovative approaches to early childhood education, development, and resilience for young children in crisis zones afflicted by conflict, natural disaster and poverty so that they can imagine and create a better future. We build bridges locally to effect sustainable changes globally.


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