Haj Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa is an Arab Muslim who has been involved in peace and reconciliation efforts for more than 30 years. He is known as is the “ambassador of goodwill” from the Mount of Olives, where he and his wife Naima welcome international peace activists of all faiths throughout the year to their home, “Ibrahim’s Peace House”. He comes from a long line of community elders who have lived on the Mount of Olives since the days of the (7th Century).

Arriving in Jerusalem – Part 1

My producing partner, Stephen Fiske and I traveled to Israel/Palestine in February with camera in-hand and found ourselves in the midst of an Interfaith conflict resolution conference, drawing peacemakers from the entire region and around the world, to the Tantur Ecumenical Institute located on the historic Hebron road, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The primary focus of the conference […]