We Carry The Dream  (Stephen Longfellow Fiske & Sophia Roberts)

Verse 1:

One fine sunny day, 1963

The Great March For Civil Rights took on Washington D.C

They marched for freedom, they marched for jobs, they marched for dignity

They marched for the conscience of a nation, for justice and equality

Verse 2:

A quarter million gathered there in Washington that day

To hear the Reverend Martin King lift his voice and say,

“I have a dream,” and we witnessed history

Now it’s up to all of us to carry the legacy

And so we’re singing…


We carry the dream of the way this world could be

We carry the dream of justice and equality

When we gather together, we find strength in unity

Yeah, we carry the dream, all people shall be free

Verse 3:

From the streets of Birmingham to that Noble Prize he won

Reverend King let freedom ring, shined his light for everyone

Now people anywhere who’ve been denied their rights

Find vision, strength and inspiration to carry on the fight

So, we’re singing…

(Repeat Chorus)


You can’t keep a baby from needin’ to be touched and loved

You can’t keep the trees from reachin’ for the sky above

And you can’t stop the river from rollin’ to the sea

And you can’t keep the people from the hunger to be free

And so we’re singing…

(Repeat Chorus) Ride out:

We carry the dream (repeated to close out)

Copyright Stephen Fiske Music, © 2018

Article by Melissa

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